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Mal Law has inspired nearly 300 runners to join his High Five-0 Challenge. One of those courageous people is Robyn Perkins, who has been affected by depression for most of her life.

Robyn uses running as a type of meditation, so that her busy over-active mind can sort through and “reboot” itself. And she is using her experiences of depression to power her through two days of Mal’s High Five-0 Challenge.

A mum of three, Robyn says running has been great for her mental health because it keeps her active, and connects her with supportive people from all over the world.

She belongs to an online running forum and through it has made many new connections that have helped her through her depression.

One of those friends is Tom, a psychologist. When Robyn came to breaking point during the Christchurch earthquake in 2011, Tom helped her through it.

“The February earthquake knocked all my skeletons out of the closet… I fell to pieces,” she says.

US-based Tom held her hand across the waters as she began the relentless forward motion to recovery to where she is now.

Three steps back, two steps forward

"Often it was three steps forward, two back. I ran, a lot… I eventually had two years of counselling with another great person, Duncan.”

Now, although it has been a long journey, Robyn is proud to say: “I have depression. I am a runner. I’m okay.”

She’s proof that by pulling together and connecting we can achieve great things. That’s what Mal Law’s High Five-0 challenge is all about.

"This running challenge had my name all over it, especially as I will just have achieved the Five-Oh years. I am planning to run Ben Lomond in Queenstown on Day 14 followed by the Shotover Mountain Marathon on Day 15."

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