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Auckland bungy jumping enthusiast Mike Heard will attempt to set a new world record for the most bungy jumps made in 24 hours while raising money and awareness for mental health.

Mike will start his Guinness World Records attempt on the evening of Tuesday, 23 May 2017 from the AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand site on Auckland Harbour Bridge.

He's making the attempt with support from the team at AJ Hackett Bungy Auckland. Mike has previously set two Guinness World Records for bungy jumping from the same location – the first in August 2008 when he jumped 103 times in 24 hours and then again in March 2014 when he jumped 80 times in 60 minutes.

His 24-hour record was later beaten and is currently held by Colin Phillips, who jumped 151 times in 24 hours in Dubai on March 21, 2014. Mike says he hopes to “absolutely smash” the record this time around.

“For me, bungy is about overcoming barriers and challenging myself which has helped keep me positive since I made my very first jump. The Mental Health Foundation seems a good fit and I’m really excited that I get to raise money for such a worthy organisation while doing something I absolutely love,” he says.

Mike will be using a brand new bungy rope for the event. In order to verify his record breaking attempt, there are some strict rules that must be followed.

There must be two independent bungy jumping experts and a notable public professional such as police officer, fire fighter, justice of the peace or lawyer present to act as witnesses. They will be rotated every four hours with new witnesses. They will act as official time keepers, recording the details of every jump and write full witness statements detailing the event during their four hours. They will also be responsible for measuring and checking the bungy rope and other equipment. And last but not least, there must be a medic on site at all times.

Mental Health Foundation chief executive Shaun Robinson says he's looking forward to cheering on Mike on the day.

“We think it’s fantastic that Mike wants to support changes in mental health through his bungy record breaking feat. We use the idea of bouncing back from adversity as an analogy for mental health resilience, and the bungy is a good image to represent that," he says.

Find out how you can get involved. The Mental Health Foundation wishes Mike all the best. Follow our Facebook feed to see how he gets on!