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Working Well is a collection of resources and information put together by the Mental Health Foundation to help businesses and organisations obtain optimal mental health for their people.

As an employer or manager, you know it's your people who provide the greatest potential for success in your business. Maintaining optimal mental health at work is therefore too important to be left to chance: employees and employers will benefit from an active approach towards mental health in the workplace.

We believe the workplace provides an excellent opportunity for you to become aware of your own health, mental and physical, and the health of your colleagues. Rather than burden your busy workplace with large "how to" manuals and documents on mental health, we have condensed the extensive research on what contributes to good mental health.

Please note the MHF aren't running mental health training workshops but do have plenty of information, ideas and resources to help you improve the mental health and wellbeing of your staff.

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW)  A national wellbeing campaign that includes workplace activities and resources. MHAW runs from 9–15 October 2017 and the theme is around nature and wellbeing. Register your interest.
Pink Shirt Day  An annual anti-bullying campaign to promote diversity. The Pink Shirt Day toolkits include ideas and activities to challenge bullying on an individual and organisational level. Sign up for May 2018.

Working Well Guide  A guide for managers who want to proactively understand and increase mental wellbeing in their workplaces.
Brochures and posters  Order information pamphlets or wellbeing resources free from the MHF online store.
Weekly e-Bulletin  Sign up to receive the latest in mental health and wellbeing research, information, books and campaigns from the MHF.

Open Minds  A collection of online training materials and information to equip managers with the tools and confidence to talk about mental health with staff.

Gina Giordani
Workplace Wellbeing Co-ordinator
09 623 4810 extn 800

Jo Luxton
For potential partnerships or fundraising
09 623 4810 extn 816