Mental Health Awareness Week

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The Mental Health Foundation organises New Zealand's annual Mental Health Awareness Week under contract from the Ministry of Health.

Get ready to unlock one of the biggest secrets to wellbeing… we’re blooming with joy to announce the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, which runs from 9–15 October.  

This year the theme is: Nature is Key. Last year, we connected with nature for good mental health and wellbeing and we were blown away by the support and enthusiasm for the theme. So we’re doubling down again this year and looking to nature to grow, support and nurture our mental health and wellbeing.

Orders are open! Order now! We run out of stock every year so get in quick! This year, our FREE MHAW resources include:

  • A promotional poster so you can encourage everyone in your workplace and community to celebrate MHAW.
  • A poster for workplaces advertising the MHAW Lockout* on World Mental Health Day.
  • A pack of Nature is Key stickers to put on keyboards in your office to remind your colleagues to take a break with nature during their work day.
  • An eco-friendly key-ring to keep with you as a reminder of how easy it is to go and spend some time in nature – the keys are already in your hands!

Order now to be sure you’ll get your hands on some of these little beauties! 

How to get involved in MHAW:

We can’t wait for you to join us. Register now to be kept in the loop about our activities, competitions and resources.

The MHAW Lockout is returning for a second year. On World Mental Health Day (10 October), we’re encouraging employers to lock their staff out of the office for an hour and give them the opportunity to connect with the ordinary nature around their workplace. Last year, hundreds of workplaces downed tools for picnics, walks, tree-climbing, footy games and more and we think it will be even bigger this year. More information about this great event is coming soon – make sure you’re registered for updates to be kept in the loop.


General enquiries:


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Senior Marketer
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022 543 1902

Media enquiries:
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