Donation rebate

Get involved / Donation rebate

Did you know that every year you can claim back ⅓ of your donation?

You can choose to either donate it back to charity or get it paid into your bank account.

The Mental Health Foundation has teamed up with Smart Donation to make it easy. Claiming the rebate is FREE for donations under $50 (the maximum fee charged by Smart Donations is $20).

You don’t even need to remember how much your donation was or have the receipt, you just need to have your Mental Health Foundation donor reference number. You can claim for any donations made in the last three years. This includes donations you've made through the Everyday Hero website to friends or family members who have fundraised for the Mental Health Foundation.

If you don’t know your donor reference number or you want to check how much you've donated, please email us at or call Keshlar on (09) 623 4810 and we'll look it up for you.

Claim your rebate online at Smart Donation OR fill in the Smart Donation form and email it to OR post it to:

Tax Management NZ
PO Box 105435
Auckland 1143

For more information on what you can claim for and how it works, please read the FAQs on the Smart Donations website, or call Tax Management NZ on 0800 829 888.