Round the Bridges 2017

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Grab your family, mates and colleagues and get your sneakers on for Hamilton's Round the Bridges on the 19 November, 2017!

Set up a fundraising page, and raise money to make sure everyone in NZ knows where to turn when they're not coping and need to talk about it.

Round the Bridges is a great community and family run, with distances to choose from (212km). Choose to run in support of the Mental Health Foundation. Raise $200 in the lead up to the event and receive a MHF running shirt to wear on the day. Fundraising ideas could include; holding a BBQ, morning tea, or setting up an online fundriasing page. If your company would like to enter a team and fundraise as a group, please get in touch.

Set up your fundraising page for the Mental Health Foundation and head to the Round the Bridges website to purchase your ticket. For more information, email or call 09 623 4810.

"My close family and friends know I've [experienced] anxiety and depression over the last couple of years and now I feel it's my time to give back to the people that have helped me through this. The Mental Health Foundation is always there to help, postnatal depression should never be frowned upon and I will always be there for anyone who feels they're struggling. Build each other up, don't tear each other apart!" – Karen, MHF fundraiser.